The Giving Tank


In 2009, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company was founded with the simple and honest goal of making good beer. Pretty much from day one, we realized that “good” was not just a part of the experience of drinking a well made beer, but also was something that could be accomplished by offering support through beer.

You see, we began to receive calls from local organizations and charities requesting help, at first in beer. It made sense to us because we understood that having a beer was inherently about community, dialogue, and sharing. It wasn’t a difficult decision to want to help, and as a young, very small beer company, we did the best we could. We knew that what we would receive in exchange for giving our beer would far exceed any dollar amount we got from selling it. We also believed that as we grew, we wanted to invest even more in supporting our community.

So we established “The Giving Tank”. It is a tank at the brewery that we will set aside for good. We will use this tank to further our support and commitment to charities and organizations who need it most. Our objective for the Giving Tank is to insure that it will always be ready to fill a glass in support of the effort and dedication that makes where we live, work and play a better place.